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After years of gaining and in-depth understanding of air atomization and purification, and partnering with cutting edge designers specializing in capturing the beauty and aesthetics of the natural componentry of glass, ceramics, and bamboo, we have developed a range of low-power, high-efficiency aromatherapy machines, humidifiers, and air purifiers to rival the best in the world.

With happy customers in Europe, United States, Australia,Southeast Asia, Bliss Aromatic has a streamlined production facility that takes advantage of cost-efficient automation coupled with an attention to personalized
quality control and presentation second to none. The company has a number of patents pending on its products and continually pursues excellence in research, technical innovation, and design.

Understanding our international clients’ expectations and needs is central to everything we do and our focus on clear communication and delivering the highest quality products, on time, is at the very core of our business philosophy:

“Integrity, Innovation, Customer Service”


Bliss Aromatic product development and design expertise is core to our business success around the globe. With over 10 years design and development experience working both in-house and with our many and varied clients, every season we develop new functional and beautiful products, using natural materials within a framework of environmental awareness and sustainability.

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